Taking the kids out for a show

It always seems this time of year the Nutcracker gets a lot if press and advertising, and deservedly so. Generally most nutcracker performances are great, people put a lot of time and effort into them, it's a lovely story, and a dance with such a varied series of styles. My issue with it (especially with kids) is that every year tends to top the precious year, or one group tries to best some other group - generally by adding more an more to the performance. I wish sometimes the various groups performing this would put out an abridged family version of the show, keeping in mind the attention spans of younger children. A shorter show would be nice sometimes.

Last year I was looking for something a little different and I came across the ODC Dance troupe performing the the Velveteen Rabbit and thought why not - and it's a wonderful show! Here is what I like about it

  • First Act is 45 minutes, second act is around 20 minutes following a generous intermission.
  • Super easy to get downtown to the theater on public transit.
  • The audience is full of kids and parents - we all understand when someone acts up.
  • Rabbit ears are an affordable $5 souvenir.
  • I love taking the kids to Lefty O'Douls for dinner.
  • See the Union Square and Neiman Marcus (City of Paris) Christmas Tree's
  • See the adoptable pets in Macy's windows (and donate a little something to the SPCA)

Something to think about next holiday season!