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Our Dedication Statement

Experience comes in all kinds of packages, and our intention is to not interfere with your experience in any way. Our purpose is to support your adventures, and hope you enjoy some of the suggestions we share with you. We thought it might be useful to share some things we believe in, with you. 


We are not a huge fan of ads. Sure ads can make some money, but the tradeoff for how they clutter up a website and detract from your experience really isn't worth it in our eyes. This is not to say we might not employ some affiliate links or share some products with you, we do want this to be a profitable project after all. Any product or link we share wont just be some random ad placement, anything we share is something we use or believe you might get some benefit from (and likely we are using it too).  


Whenever appropriate we state any affiliation so that we are transparent about any benefit we might be receiving. This would include some kind of affiliate link, an advertisement, or even some service or entrance we received free so that they could get mentioned here. We strongly believe in transparency. 


We view this project as a conversation, and therefore we view you as our partner. What this means is that we would love to hear from you. Could we do something better, did we do something fabulous? If you take the time to contact us, then we will take the time to respond. 

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