Inspiring ideas for adventures with your family


You live here, but thinking up new and engaging adventures around the city can add a lot of unnecessary stress. Whether you were raised here or moved here later on, it can be difficult to see the wonders of The San Francisco Bay Area from your kids point of view. It's incredibly easy to fall into your routine and not notice much of what's around you. Rediscover your surroundings through your kids eyes and fall in love with San Francisco all over again.


You live within the San Francisco Bay Area, but a trip to the city always seems like a lot of hassle. Where should I look for parking, can I find an affordable lunch the kids will eat, when is the best time to visit... Then questions and reservations with making the trip can go on and on. Let us help take some of the guesswork out of your expedition.


You have the opportunity to visit this wonderful city with your family, but in doing your research to plan your itinerary you quickly realize that most everything you read is geared toward adults.Fisherman's Wharf, shopping on Union Square, and riding some tour bus around the city and the question you start to ask yourself is what to do with your kids. Maybe you are already here and realize that your kids are so bored that they are setting new high scores on all their mobile games. 

What can you do to change your plans to get your kids engaged with your vacation, instead of dealing with their "I'm bored" complaints.

What can you do to turn things around and make your visit a success, someplace your kids talk about with joy after you get home?

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