Inspiring ideas for adventures with your family

So what do we do?

We get our kids out places, take that experience and make it fun, then share that with you!


Every weekend I get the question:
“Papa, what are we doing today?”

It's so easy to take the incredible place where we live for granted, yet so hard to continuously think of new and exciting places to take your kids.

Getting the kids unplugged from the TV and out into our urban wonderland, to appreciate the opportunity that surrounds them is our biggest priority. Sure you've got memberships to 3 kid friendly museums, but if you go too often the kids get bored. Finding fresh ideas to engage your kids in the world around can really be a challenge, so we want to share our experiences with you.

Do you want to leave your kids with memories of watching TV and playing video games, or do you want them to remember the Urban Adventures you took them on regularly throughout their childhood?
— Cody Tolmasoff, Chief Happiness Officer, Kiddie Walks