A morning hike up San Bruno Mountain.

You likely drive by it all the time, or fly over it, San Bruno mountain is pretty hard to miss. However it's hard to realize that you can actually hike up to the top. Today we joined San Mateo County Park's program Take-a-hike to hike to the summit of San Bruno Mountain State Park. It was a wonderful morning hike that took us about 3 hours, covered 6 miles, and (according to my fitbit) about 60 floors climbed. 

The park's facilities seemed decent: flush toilets, picnic tables by the parking lot, plenty of parking spaces (for a small fee, I think it was $6), and an overflow lot. The summit loop was on the other side of the Guadalupe Canyon Parkway, but you cross through a tunnel under the road which was pretty safe. 

We saw poppies, iris's, radio towers, red ant nests, rollie pollies, found crystals, and witnessed a breathtaking panorama of San Francisco that few take the time to see. Going with the take-a-hike program is fun because the Ranger who leads the walk will stop to show or explain things along the way. But even if your on your own its a nice loop up around the summit, a great visit on a clear day. 

There are a number of other hikes and activities coming up at other parks in San Mateo County, check out the website for more details!