1-2-3 Things - Exploring the Tide-pools

Hello Adventurers!

Did you get out to Bobs Pumpkin Patch or Pescadero last week? It's become somewhat of a tradition for us, we joined my sister, her husband, & kids and had a delightful day out. Got to Bob's around lunch, had a little picnic there at one of the tables, then ventured into the pumpkin patch, took some nice photos, and came home with 3 pretty sizable pumpkins for $15. We have one rule with picking pumpkins, you have to be able to carry it. Bumping into some friends, they had mentioned the pumpkin patch just south of Bob's that they stopped and did the hay maze ($10), but came to Bob's because of the good prices and picturesque views. 

We also stopped across the road, my nephew and brother-in-law had recently gotten into geo-caching and there were some treasures to be found just across highway 1. My kids had a blast and apparently we will be doing more in the future. 

From there we drove down to Pescadero, stopping in at Harley Farms to sample all kinds of chèvre, jams, and vinegar. We went out to pet the goats a little, and had a peek in their banquet room upstairs which was pretty spectacular. What a delightful place to hold a small event, if you can excuse the farm smell. Someday when I'm famous and have an occasion to throw a party, I'll totally consider doing it here. 

This week, we find our selves back on the coast at the tide-pools at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. If you can time things well, this is an amazing visit. The key is finding a good low tide opportunity, and that happens to be this weekend. Hopefully all the fuss from the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival has died down, but the farms along highway 92 still draw quite a crowd, so I'd suggest taking Sharps Park, or if you are coming from the city just take the coast road all the way. There are a few other things we can do while we are here too, lets enjoy a day on the coast. 
Also let us know if you go, we would love to hear about your trip. Simply reply to this e-mail. And please feel free to forward this to a friend. 

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1-2-3 Things — Exploring the Tide Pools

Quick inspiration for a day out with the kids around the SF Bay Area

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  1. 3 PM - Low tide at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tide-pools. 

  2. Stroll the pier at Pillar Point

  3. Hike Pedro Point

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

This is an enchanting spot with swoopy low hanging Cyprus trees and a lovely beach. If you are lucky enough to plan your visit at low tide, there is an exceptional chance to see all sorts of sea creatures in the tide pools that cover this area. 

This weekend you can find the low tide right around 3 PM, but if you arrive a couple of hours earlier or even a little later, you should be good. Just don't turn your back to the ocean for too long, you never know what might sneak up and splash you. I tend to break out the kids rain boots for this trip, but shoes that you might get wet would be smart.

Parking is free, but can get crowded on a nice day. You should go even if it's foggy, it makes for some great photographic conditions. Dressing in layers is a good idea too. 

Pillar Point Harbor

This is a cute spot to spend a little time. Depending on the season you can often find boats here selling their catch directly from their boats. It's also pretty cool just to wander about here, check out the various boats, and have a scenic walk around. You can also pick up the coastal trail here too. Parking is free. 

The Mavericks Surf competition takes place not far from here, right around where the tower is on the hill. Might be fun to hike out there and have a look. 

Hike the Pedro Point Headlands

This one has been on my to do list for ages. I've heard from many friends how wonderful this hike is, and has such breathtaking views. 

It's important to not venture off trail in areas like this, much of the coastline can be unstable and you don't want to find yourself in a dangerous situation. When hiking near the coast like this, it's important to stay on marked trails. 

Limited free parking can be found at the trailhead at the green gate, or across the street in the pullout. There is also free parking to be found at the norther trailhead for Devils slide just up the road a bit, but there would be a hike back along the shoulder. Do use your best judgement. 


  • Sam's Chowder House is a popular restaurant right on the coast near Pillar Point Harbor, and there is a nice trail to hike after your meal right along the water. http://www.samschowderhouse.com/index.php

  • The 3-Zero cafe at the Half Moon Bay Airport is a nice spot for breakfast or lunch, it's popular so you might find a wait. http://www.3zerocafe.com/

  • The Half Moon Bay brewing company is a nice lunch spot too, and a good spot to stop for a beer. http://www.hmbbrewingco.com/

  • Stop by the point Montara Lighthouse for some lovely photo opportunities. It's one of the smallest lighthouses you'll ever see.  

  • Visit the "haunted" Moss Beach Distillery, sit outside, and watch the sunset at a fire pit under a blanket. http://www.mossbeachdistillery.com/ 

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