1-2-3 Things - Bair Island Bonus

Hello Adventurers! 

This is a little bonus note this week which might be a fun outing to keep in your back pocket for some slow weekend day. 

With my last couple of notes talking about discovering and settling San Francisco, I started thinking about what the bay might have looked like way back then. The bay has changed a considerable amount since that time. Did you know there was an idea floated around fifty years ago to fill the bay? 


A lot of changes have happened around the edges of the bay. You have probably witnessed this flying into San Francisco and seeing things like the salt flats, or treasure island, and of course our various bridges. 

There are a number of spots around the bay that are in the process of being restored to wetlands to support and encourage wildlife to return and thrive. one of these spots is Bair Island in Redwood City. 



Bair Island has a short flat trail in the shape of a U, where you enter from the bottom. You cross a short bridge over the slough and arrive to a windbreak with information about the wildlife here. You can take either the path to the right (east) toward the Bay to an observation platform, or left (west) for a longer walk. We only hiked as far as Whipple, but the trail goes on for a bit longer.

The trail (outlined here) itself is just over a mile, but since you will probably be doubling back I would consider this just over 2 flat miles. It can get a bit windy out here. We found it remarkable how detached you get from all the noise of the city and freeway here, yet still be so close to everything. 

This also seems like an interesting spot to bring the family on bikes. Not many people seemed to be out here and most of the road is either paved or hard packed dirt. It's worth mentioning again that this area can get really windy. 

This is just a nice easy excursion, especially is you live down the peninsula. There are no bathroom or water facilities here, so do keep that in mind. 

And we checked everywhere, but couldn't find one Bair 🐻 😉