1-2-3 Things - A visit to Alameda and the USS Hornet

Hello Adventurers!

Did you get out to see the Tall Ships last week? I know having rain is great, but the timing was bad. We didn’t get out to see them - maybe next week. Also the last weekend of the month we have plans to visit the Bay Model in Sausalito and the Tall Ships will move up there for a bit. So hopefully it will work out soon… 

This week’s adventure is something new for us. Most of my friends who have been (or even spent the night) have said visiting the USS Hornet is pretty cool, plus there are some really fun spots in Alameda to go check out. I might not want to come home from the High Scores Arcade (or the Pacific Pinball Museum). 

Also let us know if you go, we would love to hear about your trip. Simply reply to this e-mail. And please feel free to forward this to a friend. 

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1-2-3 Things — A visit to Alameda and the USS Hornet

Quick inspiration for a day out with the kids around the SF Bay Area

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  1. USS Hornet

  2. High Scores Arcade 

  3. Tuckers Ice Cream

Our plan is to visit The Hornet Saturday morning, eat some lunch, drop by 1 or 2 of the arcades, then grab a little ice cream before heading home. 

USS Hornet


This Essex Class aircraft carrier originally commissioned in November 1943 took part in key battles of the Pacific during WWII (also playing a major part in bringing troops home), Vietnam, and retrieving capsules from the Apollo Program on their return from the moon. Decommissioned in 1970, the Hornet was designated a  National Historic Landmark & California Historic Landmark, opening as a museum in 1998 in Alameda. 

Admission tickets to the Museum may be purchased onboard the ship.
Entry from the pier is via the first gangway.
The Hornet is open daily from 10AM - 5PM. 
$20 Adults
$10 Youth
There is a strict policy on bringing large bags aboard so pack light (check the website for details). 
They also offer flashlight tours and have youth overnights which I hear are really fun. 

High Scores Arcade 

Opening in 2013, this classic arcade focuses on games from the 80's with over 400 playable consoles. Rates are $5/person for an hour of play, or $10 for a whole day. 

Weekend hours:
Saturday 12PM -11PM
Sunday 11AM - 6PM

Tuckers Ice Cream

Having spent over 70 years bringing smiles to the faces of locals and visitors alike, Tuckers is a chance to steal a moment of a time gone by. What a wonderful opportunity to share with your loved ones.