Little Adventures during the week

Weekends are a great opportunity for adventure, no work responsibilities (hopefully) and pleanty of time. However, we set a little time aside during the week to break out of our routine and head out to dinner. 

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant (although on occasion that could be fun), just something to shake you out of your daily routine. For us, this regular Tuesday night dinner is a chance to try new cuisine, and catch up on our week. We might visit our favorite 🍕 pizza spot for family night deals, slurp a bit of 🍜 ramen, swish a bit of shabu-shabu, have a 🍣 sushi picnic, or treat ourselves to dolma & gyros with a little baclava to chase it all down. 

This was my opportunity to show the kids how to act in restaurants, for them to try new things to eat I probably couldn't make at home, and for all of us to catch up at a regular time during the week. It's our chance to tour the world, right in our own backyard.