SFMoMA - fun for the whole family!

The SFMoMA is one of the more entertaining museums to take the kids to. Things are a bit  wacky here and can spark some interesting conversations. its really interesting to take the kids here after visiting a more traditional museum to see the less conservative side of art. 

Here are a few things to pay attention to in order to create a fun experience

  • What color is your bathroom? Each floors bathroom has been painted some pretty intense colors. Don't tell the kids ahead of time.  
  • Family day. Several times a year they put on family events where the staff lead craft projects based on art you can find in the museum.  
  • Free admission for those under 18
  • Affordablly interesting unique items in the museum store
  • Take a rest overlooking Richard Serrs's sequence sculpture without even paying entrance fees (no food allowed though). Then go walk through the sculpture yourself.  
  • Stop off at one of the cafes for a slice of Mondrion cake!  

Make sure you take advantage of the coat check. If you take your backpack into the museum, they will make you wear it up front.  

Also the Edvard Munch exhibition (known for the scream) is really cool, but there is some nudity. So be sure you are Ready to chat about those things. 

This bathroom matches my shirt! 

This bathroom matches my shirt!