Setback or Failure?

Sometimes our adventures don't pan out the way we planned. Today's adventure was just going to be a simple bike ride and picnic on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park (they close the street on Sunday) - and none of this worked out.


One of the bikes had a flat, but we turned that into an important lesson in bike maintenance. Another bike needed a bell transfered, my youngest handled the screwdriver like a champ.

Then we got all the bikes loaded up, only to find my battery was dead. So I had to take all the 🚴🚴🚴 bikes and rack off to open the trunk to get the jumper cables, jumped the car and let it charge. Put the cables away, remounted the rack, and the bikes.

Collected everyone and everything. Buckled up and turned the 🔑 key, only to find a dead battery again. AAA is on their way to replace my battery now.

It's important to not let setbacks make you a failure. We had a constructive lesson in bike repair today, and we didn't get stuck someplace awkward waiting for service. Things could have been a whole lot worse.

My initial tendency is to think of today as a failure, but looking back now I don't think it was.

How do you handle setbacks? It takes work not to let these things fallback into failure.