Don't forget what is in your own backyard

Don't forget what is in your own backyard

My kids keep growing - which is great, but it feels like we are always buying hiking shoes. At least for my oldest, my younger daughter has been inheriting a lot of the outgrown ones. 

With the big REI anniversary sale going on, we went to pick up a new pair. And after having a in-depth talk about how fashion and style, when it comes to hiking shoes, are a lot less important than fit, comfort, and support. 

Wanting to get the most out of this purchase, it seemed like a good idea to get out straight away (directly from the store) for a quick hike. Luckily the REI in San Carlos is close to a number of options. We headed up Brittan Ave to Alameda, then just a little south to Edgewood. Heading west we ended up at Edgewood Park for a quick 2 mile hike. 

The hike lifted our spirits, and both of my girls wanted to take the lead. So we got the chance to talk a little about reading the map and looking at trail markers. This spot was really nice to offer quite a few trail intersections. There can be quite a bit of poison oak, but right now it didn't seem too overgrown. 

There are plenty of day's where I just can't decide what to do with the kids, or we get a late start. I need to start remembering these great spots that are just a short drive away.