A walk up the Moraga Street Stairs

A walk up the Moraga Street Stairs
Stairway Walks in San Francisco
By Adah Bakalinsky

A few years back I got a copy of Adah Bakalinsky's book Stairway Walks in San Francisco, and rediscovered the Moraga Street Stairs that residents updated in 2005 with an incredibly beautiful mosaic on the fronts of the stairs. It was quite a wonderful project and brought a lot of color to this typically fog enveloped area. 

In the book its Walk #11, and she's called it Lead Thread on a Sugar Sack in Golden Gate Heights. On this particular day we climbed the Moraga Street Steps, the Cascade steps, had lunch in Golden Gate Heights park, and down the Aerial & Mount steps. This time we didn't make it back around to Grand View Park where on a clear day the view is quite amazing. My fitbit registered about 2.5 miles and around 35 floors climbed.

We started the walk by parking at the base of the Moraga Street steps on 16th and Moraga, just a little off 19th avenue, plenty of street parking. The steps are pretty steep, so we just took our time and took lots of pictures. Its really a stunning climb, and if you are lucky to be out there on a clear day then you are treated with an amazing view of the Sunset, the Richmond, Lands End, Golden Gate Park, the Pacific Ocean, Ocean Beach, and Ft. Funston.

The walk is very doable even with the kids, just take your time. There is a small playground in Golden Gate Heights park (very small) and a water fountain, but NO BATHROOMS. The closest public restroom I know about is at the Starbucks on 19th and Irving, parking there will be tough. If you can scout out a clear day to visit - awesome. But don't be detoured by a little fog, it will make for better pictures. Plus Golden Gate Heights is high enough that you might have some luck with the fog burning off in the afternoon. Bring layers to wear.  

If you are into other urban hikes with the family, this is a wonderful book to have on your shelf. I bet it's even at your library if you would just like a quick browse.