Driving North through SF, lets skip 19th avenue

Driving North through SF, lets skip 19th avenue

Quite often we are taking 280 North to San Francisco, which dumps you onto 19th avenue - and on the weekend that can be quite a chore to drive. You have 3 alternatives depending on your destination. 

Brotherhood way down to Sunset Blvd

Between where the 280 freeway ends and 19th avenue begins, there is a right hand turn onto Brotherhood way, which you follow all the way down to where it ends at Lake Merced. Take a right onto Lake Merced Boulevard which becomes Sunset Boulevard.

Pro-tip: try driving exactly the speed limit and you'll hit green lights more often (the older lights were times to allow you to drive smoothly from one end to the other without stopping while driving the speed limit).

This is a good way to go to

  • The Sunset 
  • The Polo Fields 
  • Stern Grove 
  • Spreckels Lake 
  • The Buffalo Paddock

Brotherhood way down to Sloat and onto the Great Highway

At the point where Lake Merced Boulevard bears right and becomes Sunset Boulevard, you can take a left hand turn lane onto Lakeshore Drive, take a right on Skyline Boulevard and a left on Sloat Boulevard. Take Sloat Boulevard all the way down to the beach and take a right on the Great Highway. 

This is a great way to go to

  • The SF Zoo 
  • Ocean Beach
  • The Beach or Park Chalet 
  • The west end of Golden Gate Park 
  • Sutro Park
  • The Cliff House 
  • Lands End

The route can be a little tricky the first time you drive it, but it really isn't too bad. 

Junipero Serra to Portola to 7th avenue

Stay to the right couple of lanes as you pass the Brotherhood Way turnoff. As you cross the intersection that bears left onto 19th Avenue bear right onto Junipero Serra Boulevard and drive toward West Portal, stay to the right. As you cross Sloat Boulevard, bear right onto Portola Drive and take a left on Claremont Boulevard which you will follow till you hit a roundabout. On the 2nd intersection take a right on Dewey Boulevard, this will become Laguna Honda Boulevard and you will bear left. Laguna Honda Boulevard will become 7th Avenue which you will drive down till Judah Street. Take a left on Juda and a right on 9th which you can then drive into Golden Gate Park. 

This is a great way to drive to

  • Stow Lake
  • Children's Playground
  • Academy of Science
  • De Young Museum
  • Tea Garden
  • Music Concourse
  • Conservatory of Flowers