Keeping track of your favorite destinations

 "What are we doing today Papa?" 

This can be a loaded question sometimes. Reflexive answers to this question tend to favor something new and unique, but a lot of the time revisiting old spots can be quite fun. However sometimes it's hard to come up with a list of all the old cool spots you'd like to revisit, or just saying the name doesn't evoke enough emotion to get the kids excited.  

Recently I've started using one of these print digital picture services to make a kind of baseball card of places we had a good time visiting. I'll choose a picture that represents the location, but also that the kids will enjoy seeing, open the app on my phone, slap the picture in there, and enter some  notes related to the destination, it's facilities, and anything nearby that could be useful (or problematic).  

So far I've been using the Ink app from Sincerely, they have a nice product and an easy to use app that sends you a nice postcard in a few days. Their app is really handy too for sending a quick (physical) thank you, birthday, or thinking of you card too. 

What do you do to keep track of the fun things you do with your kids?